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30 Jan 2019 20:57

UPDATED - 28.03.2019

1. If you have any configuration files that modify the game in any way, remove them.
2. If you have changed the settings of your video card, uninstall the driver, reinstall it and don't make any changes.
3. If you have a gaming mouse and have made settings such as:
3.1 Set shooting to use buttons like 2x, 3x ect.
3.2 Set jumping on the same buttons or the scroll button
3.3 Loaded Macros
3.4 If you play from a laptop and the touchpad is on !!! The mouse hardware must be only one !!! (Turn off the touchpad)

All of the above are FORBIDDEN and you will get a ban for using any of them!

Set the mouse settings to default by the mouse software that came with your hardware and adjust only the mouse sensitivity from this software (tested with up to 2500 DPI, Smac does not report any cheat detections. If you get a ban, set your DPI to 800 from the mouse software that came with your hardware and all other mouse settings make only from the CSS game itself !!!
(Still having issues ??? Reinstall the mouse driver and repeat the steps above )

The mouse is the main reason you can get a ban for, so pay special attention. If it is an old one and the buttons are visibly not well ie. may have stucked for some reason, SMAC ULTR @ Anti Cheat may ban you because, for example, special weapon function or the jump, if loaded on the right-click button makes more than the allowed clicks per second. Damaged mouse cable may also lead to wrong detections by SMAC, please make sure that cable is in good condition.

Test with another mouse. ( REQUIRED )

4. If you have installed cheat programs you will get a ban!

5. If you have done the steps with your video card and mouse and still have problems, delete the game and download it again and do not change its CONFIG FILES but use the game settings for adjustment.

6. Settings extremely important for SMAC ULTR @ Anti Chеаt to avoid a ban :
If you play through STEAM, go to the Counter-Strike Source \ cstrike \ custom \ folder, download archive and extract it inside.


If you downloaded the game from our site, update it from the desktop from your desktop:


or from the game folder:


and the settings will be automatically saved.

If you downloaded the game from another site, please follow the steps to play through STEAM, or get our version from


If you followed the instructions correctly, when you type in the game console net_graph 3 your lerp should be 15:

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The box said 'You need Windows XP or better' .... so I installed linux.

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