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1. Do not copy maps from other sites !
2. When creating a new map,the name has to include "csmega" example : de_csmega_fire
3. Post at least 3 pictures of the map (Size does not matter as the forum has auto resize option - 800 Х 600 is just fine)
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CS:S Admin
CS:S Admin
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24 Aug 2010 15:44

Make a screenshot, or you can try hint and of it doesn't work, try area portal. :cool2:

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Forum God
Forum God
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24 Aug 2010 19:29

Thank You very much. Soon I hope to post my my map.
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10 Aug 2013 19:49

Hello everyone. I want to know the administrators, and better for the hunter. Why do not nominate cards cards such as de_sunken_temple, knas_sandland_css, de_kabul2 end knas_rocktown_css????
On all servers, these cards are, we just play them on holidays. I would like them to be with us constantly and provides the audience with the players on the map selection, nomination.

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