no justice l RAZER l

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05 Oct 2014 17:17

hi all DANGER razer ban me 1d and reset all my pts but why what is the resaon he ban for Using Killbots for points what is that what u mean that razer ee i pleye 1 monthe and 5 days in finaly this razer reset all my pts and ban me 1d ok u ban me give reason if im using kill bots for pts See the ip off all my victme after ban how u want . this razer joind the game 1 time in 2 month after reset my pts and ban me 1d pff no justice we pleye for nothink. i dont cary if him reset my pts but not for this reasn because i dont use kill bots that is all. i pleye 10 hours in 1 day after razer like that resert my pts dis like that its easy reset the pts but 10 hours in 1 day its not easy.

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08 Oct 2014 01:34

Hello there, Please consider using because your post is unreadable.

Thank you.

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