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Updater problem

Updater problem

Postby Arkanoid on 27 Apr 2016 16:57

Hello guys,i read forum rulles,i think i not doing anything wrong posting this,also idk else how to play here if someone not help me fix my problem.
I download from ur link latest version of game v87,i run instalation of game (exe fille) ,and at the end of instalation ,where it say finalazing,it lunched updater,well that is nice,but almost at the end of updating i get error:''Error while downloading patch for steamClient.dll''.I had to ask for solution here,because i cant play at all because that error,i hope all is ok.

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Re: Updater problem

Postby *DANGER* on 08 Aug 2017 09:59

push retry ...
Suport questions belong to the forum,not to my PM Box!.


The box said 'You need Windows XP or better' .... so I installed linux.
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