Read before you write !!!
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10 Dec 2008 17:13

Every registered user in this Forum must keep the following Rules:

1 In the English Forum you must write only in English ... no other languages will be supported.The post containing any other languages than English will be ignored!

2. The Topic you are posting to be in the right category !

3. Before you post anything ,make sure if it's not already posted !

4. The title to be right & clear.Titles like "Help","I've got a big problem","Please...." are not allowed !

5. Posting many topics ,one after another ,in order to advertise or to get higher ratng will be punished !

6. Мenaces & abuses of any kind from a user to another at this forum is not tolerated at all !

7. Is not allowed to post short comments with non-sensible meaning like "Wow","Super","Cool" & so on !

8. Long citations are forbidden !

9. Whole posts with CAPS Lock will be deleted!

10. Adverts are stricktly fobidden without the knowlage of the administrator of the site !


You will be warned 3 times !

After the 3-rd warning you will be banned :P
Support questions belong to the forum, not to my PM Box!.


The box said 'You need Windows XP or better' .... so I installed linux.

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