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by Arkanoid
27 Apr 2016 16:57
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Topic: Updater problem
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Updater problem

Hello guys,i read forum rulles,i think i not doing anything wrong posting this,also idk else how to play here if someone not help me fix my problem. I download from ur link latest version of game v87,i run instalation of game (exe fille) ,and at the end of instalation ,where it say finalazing,it lun...
by Arkanoid
10 Sep 2015 01:20
Forum: Help
Topic: Game closing
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Game closing

Hello everyone,so i have this problem, while i playing in server,after some hour of gameplay when i press tab button to check score/players or ping,my game just close,no error,no bugs,nothing ,just close,so i have to again start game and join server.
Anyone know what might be problem ?.